We have been pushing having a mobile friendly website over the last few years and the amount of users that see websites on limited size screens has only grown. More than 50% of website views are coming from tablets and smartphones.

Google just announced that if will start penalizing websites in their rankings if they are not mobile friendly. So here are the two choices you have to stay compliant:

1. If you like your current site, we can make a phone and tablet specific landing pages within your domain that will automatically direct the corrosponding viewers to those pages. This is the simpliest way to go, but will require updating two or three layouts each time a change is made to the site. Something to consider if your site changes often.

2. Redesign the site so that it is “responsive”. A responsive site use CSS (Cascading style sheets, to change the design to accomodate the viewers device. These often have 3, 4  or as many as 9 differnt widths they adapt to. This type of design will also adapt to either landscape or portrait orientations of the screens. If you have an older wordpress site, this can be a s simple as implimenting a new theme with a little customization.